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Lady You're My Life


Thank you for visiting my Music page.

My name is Adrian Bradley and I am an unsigned independent songwriter from Dublin Ireland.

I enjoy composing songs and some of my songs have been played on local and national radio.

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Adrian Bradley Music

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Adrian Bradley Music

My late Granddad Pip, who inspired me to learn music and so much more.


Songs of Adrian Bradley - The Nashville Takes

Below are some links to my Album Songs of Adrian Bradley - The Nashville Takes produced by a team of hired musicians in Nashville, Tennessee.


Listen to a selection from my Album below Songs of Adrian Bradley - The Nashville Takes

Queen of Dublin City


Memories for Two

I Believe

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Last Lullaby


Listen to me performing some of my B Sides EP, Singles and others

Let The Music Talk - Single

Sunshine Girl - Single

Alright - Single

You're the One - Single

Sandy - Electro Pop Version

Falling - 80's Pop Version

B Sides (Acoustic) EP - Playlist

Going Back To Donegal

Gambling Man

My Grandparents cover of This is my Lovely Day


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Adrian Bradley Music