Adrian Bradley Music
Adrian Bradley is a composer and songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, who has made a name for himself in the music industry with his distinct sounds and style. With his gift for storytelling and a passion for experimenting with various music genres, Adrian has composed a collection of original tracks that have captivated listeners worldwide. His ability to create distinct sounds and blend different styles has earned him critical acclaim. His music displays his commitment and originality to his profession, as evidenced by his hit singles and four albums.
Impeccable storytelling, with narratives that linger on in the mind long after the music has ended.
Timeless and infinitely tasteful, Adrian Bradley crafts something straight from the heart on the tender ode of “Country Soul”.


Check out a selection of songs

On and On and On - Electric Soul Album

Hurricane - Country Soul Album

Gambling Man - Country Soul Album

Before The Clouds - Strings of Soul Album

Listen back to a recent Live From the Lounge Session on Radio below featuring myself with some music and chat! My session starts at 1hour 15mins into the show.


Check out the Soul Albums.

Country Soul album features an original collection of country inspired songs from Ireland and more.

Strings of Soul

Strings of Soul album features an original collection of folk and strings inspired songs from Ireland and more.

Electric Soul

Electric Soul is a modern EDM take on some of my original songs

Electric Eighties - EP

An Eclectic soul music mix inspired by the eighties sounds